" Deep versed in books and shallow in himself. "
John Milton

Back in the day


Japanese Embassy Hostage Crisis Ends in Lima, Peru

The Japanese ambassador to Peru was holding a party at his home in Lima on December 17, 1996, when 14 members of a revolutionary militant group stormed the compound, taking more than 400 guests hostage. Most were released in the following weeks, but 72 Japanese and Peruvian hostages were held until April, when Peruvian military forces swarmed the building and killed the militants. Only one hostage and two commandos died, and the raid was deemed a success. What had been the militants' demands?



Joachim Murat

Murat distinguished himself as a daring cavalry commander while serving with Napoleon Bonaparte in Italy and Egypt and later aided Napoleon in his 1799 coup d'├ętat. The next year, he married Napoleon's sister Caroline and in 1808 was chosen to succeed Joseph Bonaparte as king of Naples. He continued his military leadership as well, but after Napoleon's fall, he fled to Corsica. When he tried to regain his throne, he was captured and executed. What were his instructions to the firing squad?

Born on a day like today


Peter Kenneth Frampton

British rocker Peter Frampton performed with successful bands The Herd and Humble Pie before going solo in 1971. His breakthrough album, 1976's Frampton Comes Alive!, remains one of the best-selling live albums of all time. It includes hits such as "Do You Feel Like We Do?" and "Show Me The Way," which feature his signature talk box effect that makes the guitar sound like it is "talking." Why did Frampton regret appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone at the height of his success?

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