" To know, to esteem, to love, and then to part,
Makes up life's tale to many a feeling heart!
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Back in the day


Volvo Car Company Founded

In 1924, Assar Gabrielsson, sales manager at the Swedish ball-bearing manufacturer SKF, and engineer Gustaf Larson decided to build an automobile that could withstand Sweden's rough roads and harsh climate. Their first car—nicknamed "Jakob"—rolled off the line on April 14, 1927, which Volvo considers its founding date. The following year, they created a truck that was immediately popular and contributed to the company's early success. The name Volvo is Latin, not Swedish, and means what?




Komitas was an Armenian composer, conductor, and ethnomusicologist now regarded as the founder of modern Armenian classical music. Orphaned as a boy, he was educated at Echmiadzin Seminary and ordained a priest. After establishing a choir at the monastery, he went to Berlin to study music. Upon his return, he traveled around Armenia collecting thousands of folk songs, many of which he adapted for choirs. Why do some consider him a martyr of the 1915 Armenian genocide, even though he survived it?

Born on a day like today


Julie Frances Christie

Christie is a British actress who became an icon of the 1960s "Swinging London" era. Just four years after she made her film debut, she won an Academy Award for her performance in Darling (1965). Throughout the course of her long career, she has been notoriously selective about the roles she accepts and has appeared in such notable films as Dr. Zhivago and Hamlet. After resisting the idea of marriage for many years, Christie finally married for the first time at what age?

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