" Let us not tire of a good work, hard though it be and wearisome; think of the many little hearts that in their sorrow look to us for help. "
Louisa May Alcott

Back in the day


Oscar Wilde's Libel Case Begins

When the marquess of Queensbury became convinced that his son, Alfred Douglas, was having an affair with Wilde, he began to rail against the author and playwright, publicly accusing Wilde of sodomy, a crime at the time. At Douglas's urging, Wilde sued the marquess for libel. He not only lost the case, but was in turn charged with homosexual offenses and arrested. Wilde was convicted in an internationally notorious trial and served two years hard labor. What did he write while in prison?




Born around 1490, Titian was a leading Venetian Renaissance painter whose technique, particularly his brushwork, composition, and use of color, influenced generations of artists after him. He is known for his psychologically penetrating portraits as well as his depictions of religious and mythological scenes. What politician's staff member once altered Titian's Wikipedia page in a misguided attempt to hide the fact that the politician may have been mistaken about the painter's age at death?

Born on a day like today


Henry Robinson Luce

One of the most powerful—and controversial—figures in the history of US journalism, Luce founded Time magazine in 1923 with former Yale classmate Briton Hadden. It was the first news-weekly in the US and is now the largest. Luce went on to launch a number of other highly successful magazines, including Fortune, Life, and Sports Illustrated. What was the estimated value of his share of Time stock at the time of his death?

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