" The stains of her grief became her as raindrops do the beaten rose. "
Edith Wharton

Back in the day


Apple Inc. Is Formed

Apple Computer, Inc., was the first successful personal computer company. The company has its roots in the Jobs family's garage, where cofounders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak assembled the first Apple computer. Consisting of a handmade motherboard, the Apple I did not even include a monitor or keyboard. The Apple II, introduced the next year with a plastic case and color graphics, launched Apple to success. By 1980, Apple had earned more than $100 million. How much did an Apple I cost in 1976?



Ardashir I

Ardashir I was the founder of the last pre-Islamic Persian dynasty, the Sassanid dynasty, which began in 224 CE and ended with the Arab conquest in 651. At its peak, the Sassanid Empire stretched from the Arabian peninsula to India. Ardashir established Zoroastrianism as the state religion and strengthened it by collecting sacred texts and empowering the priestly caste. In the latter years of his reign, he invaded what nearby Parthian kingdom allied with Persia's great rival to the west, Rome?

Born on a day like today


Lon Chaney

Chaney was an American silent-film actor. Born to parents who were both deaf and mute, he learned to express himself through pantomime at an early age. He moved to Hollywood in 1912 and became one of the biggest stars of the time, appearing in more than 150 silent films. Known as "the man of a thousand faces," he masterfully used makeup to play tortured, grotesque characters in horror films such as The Phantom of the Opera. How did fake snow made of corn flakes contribute to his death?

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