" Wealth should not be seized...for if a man take great wealth violently and perforce, or if he steal it through his tongue, as often happens when gain deceives men's sense and dishonor tramples down honor, the gods soon blot him out and make that man's house low, and wealth attends him only for a little time. "

Back in the day


Willie Mosconi Sinks 526 Consecutive Billiard Balls

The son of a pool hall owner who tried to keep him from playing billiards, Mosconi learned the game by shooting with potatoes when his father hid the balls. A prodigy, he went on to win the world pool title 15 times before 1957. In 1954, he sank 526 consecutive balls in two hours and 10 minutes, and more than 35 witnesses signed an affidavit swearing to the feat. The record has never been broken. Mosconi was later hired to teach what actor how to convincingly play a pool hustler for a 1961 film?



The Sacrificial Tripod

The sacrificial tripod was a type of altar used by the ancient Greeks, the most famous of which belonged to the Oracle of Delphi and was devoted to the god Apollo. Seated on the ornate golden tripod, the priestess of the temple would utter prophesies in a frenzied trance. In Greek mythology, Heracles once attempted to take the tripod from the temple and was stopped by Apollo, to whom the tripod was sacred. According to Homer, tripods were often given as gifts to whom?

Born on a day like today


William Jennings Bryan

Despite being a dominant force in the US Democratic Party, Bryan lost three bids for the presidency. However, he helped secure the presidential nomination for Woodrow Wilson, under whom he became secretary of state. Bryan's belief in neutrality led him to resign when it appeared that Wilson would enter the US into World War I. A devout Presbyterian, he later campaigned for Prohibition and, in 1925, died after exhausting himself prosecuting and finally winning what famous legal case?

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