" Childhood shows the man, as morning shows the day. "
John Milton

Back in the day


Veder Snaps Pulitzer Prize-Winning Burst of Joy

Taken at the end of the Vietnam War, Slava "Sal" Veder's Burst of Joy became a symbol of the widespread sentiment in America that the horrors of war were over and military families could begin the healing process. The photo captures the return home of Lt. Col. Robert Stirm, who had been shot down over North Vietnam and held as a prisoner of war for over five years. It shows his children running to greet him on the tarmac, his daughter with open arms. Why was the reunion bittersweet?



Umm Kulthum

Known as the "Star of the East," Kulthum was one of the Arab world's most famous singers in the 20th century. For decades, her live concerts were broadcast from Cairo on the first Thursday of each month, and while she sang, the Arab world was said to stand still. Her concerts could last several hours and were described as enchanting, highly emotional, and fueled by interaction with the audience. Her funeral was one of the largest gatherings in Egyptian history. How many people were there?

Born on a day like today


Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones, Jr.

A practicing attorney, Jones was only an amateur golfer, yet in 1930 he became the only man to win four major golf championships in a single year and the only sports figure to be honored with two New York City ticker-tape parades. At 28, he had already won 13 major championships. He was hailed for his sportsmanship when he lost a major tournament by one stroke after calling a penalty on himself for an infraction that no one else saw. What was the infraction, and what tournament did he lose?

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