" We must have ideals and try to live up to them, even if we never quite succeed. Life would be a sorry business without them. With them it's grand and great. "
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Back in the day


United Artists Film Studio Is Founded

In 1919, four of the leading figures in Hollywood—Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, D.W. Griffith, and Douglas Fairbanks—decided to form their own film studio to better control their own work. Though initially successful, United Artists foundered as films became more expensive to produce. It was taken over in the 1950s and began to thrive again until the 80s, when it was bought by the studio MGM. What famous actor announced plans to resurrect United Artists in 2006 as part owner of the company?



The Brain Mushroom

Despite its recognized toxicity, the false morel mushroom Gyromitra esculenta is a popular delicacy in Europe, especially in Scandinavia. Also called a "brain mushroom" because it looks like a dark red brain, it can be deadly if it is not carefully and thoroughly cooked or dried. Some experts advise boiling and rinsing it twice to draw out the toxin, but even this process can be dangerous, as the toxin can build up in the air when boiled. Why do some deny that the mushroom is poisonous?

Born on a day like today


Henry Louis "Hank" Aaron

Aaron was the first US baseball player to hit more career home runs than Babe Ruth. After playing briefly in the Negro leagues and then in the minor leagues, Aaron moved up to the majors as an outfielder with the Milwaukee—later Atlanta—Braves in 1954 and was National League MVP in 1957. Upon breaking Ruth's record in 1974, he was besieged by the media and badgered by racist letter-writers, and retired just two years later. Aaron's home run record remained unbroken until when?

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