" To found principles of government upon too advantageous an estimate of the human character is an error of inexperience, the source of which is so amiable that it is impossible to censure it with severity. "
John Quincy Adams

Back in the day


WWII: First Armed Insurgency in Warsaw Ghetto

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was the Jewish armed resistance that took place in the Warsaw Ghetto of Nazi-occupied Poland during WWII. By July 1942, the Nazis had forced 500,000 Jews into the Warsaw Ghetto. Starvation killed thousands each month and thousands more were transferred to "labor" camps every day. When word reached the ghetto that the destination was actually the gas chambers at Treblinka, the newly formed Jewish insurgency attacked the Nazis. How long did the insurgency last?




Housecarls were servants or household troops that acted as personal bodyguards to medieval Scandinavian lords and kings. They were free men, not slaves or thralls, and were in service voluntarily. Royal housecarls also served in Anglo-Saxon England after its conquest by the kingdom of Denmark in the 11th century, fulfilling a number of military and administrative roles there. Housecarls are well-known for having fought under Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson in what significant battle?

Born on a day like today


Archibald Alexander Leach, AKA Cary Grant

Grant performed with an acrobatic comedy troupe in England before he found parts in stage musicals. After he made his film debut in 1932, his debonair charm, good looks, and distinctive voice made him a popular star in sophisticated comedies such as Bringing Up Baby, His Girl Friday, and The Philadelphia Story. He also starred in many Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, including North by Northwest. He received an honorary Academy Award in 1970. What was his last film?

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