" It is impossible that anything so natural, so necessary, and so universal as death, should ever have been designed by providence as an evil to mankind. "
Jonathan Swift

Back in the day


Second "Palmer Raid" Takes Place

During the "Red Scare" that followed World War I, US Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer attempted to deport political radicals, dissidents, and aliens in the notorious "Palmer Raids." The first raid took place in late 1919. The second series of raids began in January 1920. In total, some 3,000 allegedly subversive aliens were rounded up for deportation. A few hundred were deported, but the vast majority were released. The raids were preceded by bombings targeting what officials?



Khayr ad-Din Barbarossa

Barbarossa was a 16th-century Greek-born Turkish corsair who terrorized the Mediterranean, raiding numerous coastal cities in Spain, Italy, and along North Africa's Barbary Coast. He offered allegiance to the Ottoman sultan in return for aid that enabled him to capture Algiers, which he then placed under Turkish control. He was made admiral of the Ottoman Empire, conquered Tunisia, and secured the eastern Mediterranean for the Turks for 33 years. How do Turkish seamen honor his memory today?

Born on a day like today


Ernst Barlach

Barlach was an outstanding German expressionist sculptor, graphic artist, and writer. Through the power of his simple, angular, and compact forms, he communicated intense emotion and compassion. From clay modeling he turned to wood carving and woodcutting, which imbued his work with a rough-hewn quality. He achieved fame in the 1920s and 30s with the execution of several war memorials for the Weimar Republic. Why were many of Barlach's works destroyed or confiscated as "degenerate art"?

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