" Everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching. "
Oscar Wilde

Back in the day


Arthur Guinness Signs a 9,000-Year Lease on His Brewery

Guinness is a celebrated Irish dry stout that originated in the Dublin brewery of Arthur Guinness. When Guinness acquired his brewery, he famously signed a 9,000-year lease that fixed his annual rent at 45 pounds. From 1799, the brewery produced only its distinctive, dark, creamy Guinness stout, which became known as the national beer of Ireland. In 1955, to help settle trivia disputes in pubs, the company began publishing what book?



The Narmer Palette

Dating from about the 31st century BCE, the Narmer Palette has been called "the first historical document in the world." The 25-inch (63-cm), shield-shaped palette is carved from a single piece of flat siltstone and has survived 5,000 years in almost perfect condition. It contains some of the earliest known hieroglyphic inscriptions as well as the earliest known depictions of an Egyptian king. Some scholars believe it depicts what event that, according to tradition, took place under King Menes?

Born on a day like today


Elizabeth Arden

Born in Canada as Florence Nightingale Graham, Arden moved to New York City in 1907 and under her new name opened a beauty salon. Her business became an international empire based on salons, hundreds of "scientifically formulated" beauty products, and an exclusive imageā€”all packaged in her trademark pink. Arden made makeup acceptable to "respectable" American women, introducing them to eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick tinted to match their outfits. Who was her cosmetics rival?

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