" Men become old, but they never become good. "
Oscar Wilde

Back in the day


South Carolina Becomes the First State to Secede from the US

In the 1830s, South Carolina residents, frustrated by agricultural tariffs, broached the possibility of secession. Tariff reform appeased them for some time, but following the election of President Abraham Lincoln in 1860, South Carolina seceded from the Union. The state's governor immediately demanded all federal property within the state, including Fort Sumter. The firing on Sumter by Confederate batteries in 1861 precipitated the Civil War. When was the US flag raised over Fort Sumter again?



The Missorium of Theodosius I

The Missorium of Theodosius I is a silver ceremonial dish that is 29 in (79 cm) across and weighs about 34 lb (15 kg). It was probably made in Constantinople in 388 CE to commemorate the rule of Theodosius I, the last Roman emperor to rule both the Eastern and Western Empires. The ornate dish is one of the best surviving examples of late antique imperial imagery and features Theodosius flanked by his co-emperors, an iconography that was later adopted by Western Christianity and given what name?

Born on a day like today


Branch Wesley Rickey

Rickey was an American baseball executive. In 1919, he devised baseball's farm system of using minor-league teams to train major-league players. In 1945, after he took over the Brooklyn Dodgers, he defied convention and broke a long-standing race barrier by hiring Jackie Robinson, the first black player in the major leagues. A deeply religious man, the "Mahatma"—as Rickey was popularly known—never played, attended, or managed games on Sundays. What protective gear did he introduce to baseball?

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