" Bigotry may be roughly defined as the anger of men who have no opinions. "
Gilbert Chesterton

Back in the day


Theatre Royal Opens at Covent Garden in London, England

The original Covent Garden playhouse, called the Theatre Royal, was built in 1732 and hosted performances of plays, pantomimes, and opera. Twice destroyed by fire and rebuilt, the theater that stands today is the third built on the site. The Royal Ballet began performing there in 1946. The Royal Opera House reopened in 1999 after an 18-month renovation. It seats 2,268 people and consists of 4 tiers of boxes and balconies. What actor financed the construction of the original theater in 1732?



The Boxer Rebellion

The Boxer Rebellion (1899-1901) was a popularly supported uprising of Chinese peasants against foreigners at a time when, during an economic depression, China was being forced to grant concessions to Western powers. The Righteous Fists of Harmony, or Boxers, opposed the political, economic, and religious encroachment of Westerners and killed thousands of Chinese Christians and Westerners before an international force quelled the attacks. What did the Boxers think made them impervious to bullets?

Born on a day like today


Larry Bird

Bird was an American basketball player. After spending most of his collegiate career at Indiana State University, he was drafted by the Boston Celtics in 1978 and became a perennial all-star. He led the Celtics to three championships and was named the league's most valuable player as many times. He retired after winning gold with the 1992 US Olympic "Dream Team." What future rival did Bird face in a college basketball championship game and then again in three professional championship series?

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