" How paramount the future is to the present when one is surrounded by children. "
Charles Darwin

Back in the day


John Brown Hanged for Raid on Harpers Ferry

Brown was a radical US abolitionist who advocated armed action to end slavery. He and his supporters murdered five proslavery settlers in Kansas in 1856, and three years later he tried to start an armed liberation movement among slaves by seizing the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, intending to arm local slaves with its weapons. His small force was soon overpowered, however, and Brown was tried for treason, convicted, and hanged. What went wrong during the raid?



Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough

Sarah Churchill was one of the most influential women in British history. A childhood friend of Queen Anne, she served as a lady of the bedchamber after Anne's marriage, and when Anne acceded to the throne in 1702, Sarah enjoyed great favor at court along with her husband, the duke of Marlborough. She was a strong-willed woman and her influence grew until her Whig sympathies alienated Anne, who dismissed her in 1711. Who are a few of her famous descendents?

Born on a day like today


Otto Dix

A German painter and printmaker, Dix fought in World War I and returned haunted by what he had witnessed. After experimenting with Impressionism and Dada, he arrived at Expressionism and began producing works depicting nightmarish scenes of the horrors of war and the depravities of a decadent society. His antimilitary works aroused the wrath of the Nazi regime and he was dismissed from his academic posts in 1933. On what charges was he arrested in 1939?

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