" To seek to extinguish anger utterly is but a bravery of the Stoics. "
Francis Bacon

Back in the day


John F. Kennedy Defeats Richard Nixon for US Presidency

In 1960, Kennedy, a US senator, earned the Democratic nomination for president. In the campaign that followed, he engaged in a series of televised debates with his Republican opponent, Richard M. Nixon. After a vigorous campaign managed by his brother Robert F. Kennedy and aided financially by his father, Joseph P. Kennedy, he defeated Nixon by a narrow popular margin. At 43, he became the youngest person ever, and the first Catholic, elected president. How did the debates affect the election?



The Brain in a Vat

For millennia, philosophers have grappled with various versions of the "brain-in-a-vat" scenario. A thought experiment, it raises questions about the individual's ability to know anything, since a brain suspended in a vat of life-sustaining liquid and connected to a computer that provides it with electrical impulses identical to those the brain normally receives would never be able to determine whether it is in a skull or a vat. What popular film trilogy is loosely based on this concept?

Born on a day like today


Milton Bradley

After working as a draftsman, Bradley introduced the first lithograph press to Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1860. He printed and sold a new parlor game, "The Checkered Game of Life." It was so profitable that he formed Milton Bradley and Company in 1864 to print games and manuals. In 1878, he reorganized his business as the Milton Bradley Company, which long retained its position as a leading American manufacturer of games and toys. In 1869, his press published the first US book on what topic?

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