" A steady hand in governing of military affairs is more requisite than in times of peace, because an error committed in war may, perhaps, prove irremediable. "
Francis Bacon

Back in the day


The Parthenon Is Partially Destroyed by an Explosion

Built in the 5th century BCE on the Acropolis of Athens, the Parthenon was the chief temple of Athena in ancient Greece and the finest example of Doric architecture. In 1687, during the Venetian attack on Athens, the Turks used it for storing gunpowder. The stores were ignited during the bombardment, causing an explosion that partly destroyed the building. Still, its basic structure remains intact and reconstruction efforts are underway. Where is there a full-scale replica of the Parthenon?



The Mayerling Incident

The Mayerling Incident was the apparent murder-suicide of 30-year-old Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria and his lover, 17-year-old Baroness Maria Vetsera, in 1889. His father, the emperor, had objected to the affair and reportedly ordered them to end the relationship. Rudolf became despondent and allegedly formed a suicide pact with his mistress. Although their deaths were officially declared a double suicide, efforts to disguise the facts provoked many rumors, including what conspiracy theories?

Born on a day like today


Lewis Hine

Hine was an American photographer whose career began shortly after he bought his first camera in 1903. Devoted to capturing images of the dark side of the industrial revolution in the US, he documented the poverty of immigrants and the plight of child laborers. The power of his images placed him at the forefront of 20th-century documentary photographers and helped bring about the passage of child labor laws. Some of his most famous images document the construction of what iconic skyscraper?

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