" Thank goodness...I was never sent to school...it would have rubbed off some of the originality. "
Beatrix Potter

Back in the day


George Eastman Receives a Patent for His Kodak Camera

Eastman was an American industrialist, inventor, and philanthropist. Interested in photographic processes from an early age, he invented roll film in 1884 and perfected a camera designed to use it, called the Kodak camera. In 1892, he established the Eastman Kodak Company and began to mass produce his inventions, transforming photography from an expensive hobby of the few to a relatively inexpensive, popular pastime. What was his contribution to the development of motion pictures?



The Phalanx

The phalanx was an ancient formation of infantry in which soldiers stood shoulder to shoulder in rows of eight or 16, forming a solid block that could sweep through the more dispersed ranks of the enemy. First used by the Sumerians and fully developed by the ancient Greeks, the phalanx reached its apex when Philip II and Alexander the Great used the great Macedonian phalanx to conquer all of Greece and the Middle East. Soldiers in their phalanxes were armed with the sarissa, which was what?

Born on a day like today


Richard Wright

Wright was an American author whose works helped redefine discussions of race in the mid-20th century. The grandson of slaves, he grew up in poverty in the American south. The fictionalized autobiography Black Boy (1945) vividly describes his often harsh childhood and youth. He first came to wide attention with a collection of short stories titled Uncle Tom's Children (1938) and published his bestselling novel Native Son two years later. Why was he blacklisted in Hollywood?

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