" The reason why so few marriages are happy is because young ladies spend their time in making nets, not in making cages. "
Jonathan Swift

Back in the day


Michael Phelps Wins Record-Breaking Eight Gold Medals

Phelps is an American swimmer who, at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, broke the record for the number of gold medals won at a single Olympics. He won a gold medal in every one of his eight events, setting world records in seven of the races. His eight gold medals surpassed American swimmer Mark Spitz's seven-gold performance at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Phelps also won six gold and two bronze medals in Athens in 2004. His total Olympic medal count is second only to the 18 won by what athlete?




A sacrament is a religious symbol or rite that is believed to transfer spiritual power to the participant. Today, sacraments are primarily associated with Christianity, which holds that they consist of visible signs of invisible grace and derive from practices instituted by Jesus. Christian churches, however, are divided with regard to the number and operation of sacraments. In most Protestant churches, only baptism and communion are recognized. What are the 7 sacraments of Roman Catholicism?

Born on a day like today


Pierre de Fermat

A founder of modern probability theory and number theory, Fermat was a French jurist and amateur mathematician. A contemporary of Descartes, he independently discovered the basic principles of analytic geometry. Yet he is best known for the assertion now known as Fermat's Last Theorem, which he scribbled in the margin of a textbook along with a note stating that he could have shown it to be true but lacked the space in which to write the proof. For how many years did the theorem remain unproven?

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