" What is a woman? I assure you, I do not know...I do not believe that anybody can know until she has expressed herself in all the arts and professions open to human skill. "
Virginia Woolf

Back in the day


Spanish Treasure Fleet Sinks off Florida Coast in Hurricane

From the 16th to the 18th centuries, the Spanish Empire used a system of convoys, called treasure fleets, to transport a wide variety of items to Spain from its territories in the New World. Seven days after departing from Havana, Cuba, all 11 of the ships in the 1715 treasure fleet sank during a hurricane near present-day Florida, resulting in the deaths of thousands of sailors. The disaster also resulted in the loss of what precious items, some of which still occasionally wash ashore?




A fugue is a musical composition characterized by the systematic imitation of one or more themes in counterpoint. In the exposition, which begins the piece, the theme is repeated successively in similar form at different pitch levels by different voices. The fugue emerged gradually from the imitative polyphony of the 13th century and reached its pinnacle with Bach, who, along with Handel, inspired the later fugues of Mozart, Beethoven, and others. What is a counterfugue?

Born on a day like today


Peter Benenson

Peter Benenson was an English lawyer who organized a letter-writing campaign in 1961 calling for amnesty for "prisoners of conscience." His campaign resulted in the establishment of Amnesty International, a human-rights organization that works to combat violations of human rights, especially abridgments of freedom of speech and religion and the imprisonment and torture of political dissidents. Why did Benenson resign from his position within Amnesty International in 1967?

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