" A fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question. "
Charles Darwin

Back in the day


French National Assembly Adopts Civil Constitution of the Clergy

The Civil Constitution of the Clergy was an act passed during the French Revolution that subordinated the Roman Catholic Church to the state. Under the act, citizens would elect clergymen and the state would pay their wages. When the National Assembly ordered the clergy to take an oath supporting the Civil Constitution, many refused. The resulting schism within the French church caused many Catholics to turn against the Revolution. What effect did the constitution have on monastic orders?



The Black Legend

The Black Legend refers to a tradition of history writing that demonizes the Spanish Empire and led to the general belief, eagerly backed by rivals such as Britain and Holland, that Spain exceeded other nations in cruelty to its subject populations. Historian Bartolomé de Las Casas's 16th-century documentation of Spain's poor treatment of the natives of the New World contributed to the legend, as did Protestant propaganda exaggerating the severity of the Inquisition. What is the "White Legend"?

Born on a day like today


Milton Berle

Berle was an American comedian and the first major US television star. He began acting in vaudeville at age 10 and went on to perform in more than 50 silent films, on radio, and as a nightclub comedian. His great success, however, was as the host of NBC's Texaco Star Theater, which earned him the nickname "Mr. Television." He contributed significantly to the medium's growing popularity, and many are said to have bought TV sets just to watch "Uncle Miltie." How did he get that nickname?

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