" Misery generates hate. "
Charlotte Bronte

Back in the day


Glassboro Summit Conference Begins

The Glassboro Summit Conference was a meeting between US President Lyndon Johnson and Soviet Premier Aleksei Kosygin that took place at Hollybush mansion at Glassboro State College in New Jersey. Although the two leaders failed to reach agreement on anything important, the generally friendly atmosphere of the summit became known as the "Spirit of Glassboro" and is believed to have somewhat improved Soviet-US relations. What two wars were major subjects of discussion at the conference?




A planetarium is a building that houses an optical device, also called a planetarium, that projects images of celestial bodies and other astronomical phenomena onto a domed ceiling. The first modern planetarium was constructed in 1924 for the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany. The "space race" of the 1950s and 60s boosted global interest in planetariums, and by the end of the 20th century, there were more than 100 major planetariums worldwide. What device was the forerunner of the planetarium?

Born on a day like today


Bob Fosse

Born into a vaudeville family, Fosse began dancing professionally at age 13. He won his first Tony Award for choreographing the Broadway musical The Pajama Game in 1954 and went on to win six more Tonys for his choreography, which was known for its sensuality, precision, and jazz sensibility. His later hit shows included Damn Yankees and Sweet Charity—both starring his wife, Gwen Verdon. Fosse was the first person to win what three awards in the same year?

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