" Flowers...are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world. "
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Back in the day


Assassination of Conrad of Montferrat, King of Jerusalem

Conrad of Montferrat was a northern Italian nobleman and one of the major participants in the Third Crusade. In 1189, he joined Guy of Lusignan at the siege of Akko, but a year later he sought to displace Guy as king of Jerusalem. To establish a claim to the crown, he married Isabella, daughter of Amalric I. In 1192, Conrad was acknowledged as king, but a few days later he was assassinated, and the royal title passed to the two later husbands of his widow. Who killed him?



I Ching

One of the Five Classics of Confucianism, the I Ching is an ancient Chinese text whose title means "Book of Changes." The main body of the work addresses the divinatory system used in the Zhou dynasty. A supplementary section of "commentaries," believed to date from the Warring States period, is a philosophical exposition that attempts to explain the world and its ethical principles by describing all nature and human endeavor in terms of the interaction of what two principles?

Born on a day like today


James Monroe

Monroe was the fifth president of the US. After serving in the American Revolution, he was elected to the Senate, where he opposed the administration of George Washington. He nevertheless became Washington's minister to France and later helped to negotiate the Louisiana Purchase. With Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, he developed the principles of US foreign policy later called the Monroe Doctrine. Monroe served two terms as president, presiding in a period that became known as what?

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