" There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do. "
Jerome K. Jerome

Back in the day


Battle of Clontarf

The Battle of Clontarf was a decisive battle fought between Irish forces under the high king of Ireland, Brian Boru, and a Viking army formed by Sitric, king of the Dublin Norse. Brian's forces defeated the Vikings at Clontarf, near Dublin, but he was killed shortly thereafter by fleeing Norsemen. Brian's victory broke Viking power in Ireland, but, without a king, the country split into small, separate kingdoms that then fought one another. What was Wolf the Quarrelsome's role in the battle?



Zhaozhou Bridge

The Zhaozhou Bridge is the oldest standing bridge in China and the world's oldest open-spandrel stone segmental arch bridge. It was constructed between 595 and 605 CE, during the Sui Dynasty, and is credited to the design of a craftsman named Li Chun. In the 1400 years that it has stood spanning the Xiao River in Hebei Province, the 167-ft- (51-m-) long bridge has survived several wars and floods and numerous earthquakes. What is the only portion of the bridge that has been regularly replaced?

Born on a day like today


Shirley Temple

A precocious performer known for her dimples and golden curls, Temple was a child actress who became America's most popular female star and Hollywood's top box office attraction in the Great Depression era. In 1934, she made nine movies, leaping to stardom with Little Miss Marker and winning a special Academy Award that year. She effectively retired from moviemaking in 1950. As an adult, Temple served as a US delegate to the UN General Assembly and as US ambassador to what countries?

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