" Commend a fool for his wit, or a rogue for his honesty and he will receive you into his favor. "
Henry Fielding

Back in the day


First Arbor Day Celebrated

Generally observed on the last Friday in April, Arbor Day is an unofficial US holiday designated as a day for planting trees. The holiday was founded by agriculturist Julius Sterling Morton, a Nebraska resident who believed that the prairies were in need of more trees to serve as windbreaks, hold moisture in the soil, and provide lumber for housing. To this end, he proposed that a specific day be set aside for the planting of trees. About how many trees were planted on the first Arbor Day?




Differences in appearance, flavor, and oil content distinguish different varieties of olives, of which there are several hundred. Many have been cultivated since ancient times, with some developed especially for oil extraction. Of the olives meant for eating, green ones are picked when full-grown but unripe and are often pitted and stuffed with pimientos or anchovies. Ripe olives, usually purplish black, are richer in oil. According to Greek mythology, the olive was a gift to mankind from whom?

Born on a day like today


Joseph Pulitzer

Born in Hungary, Pulitzer immigrated to the US during the Civil War and served in the Union Army. He later became a reporter and purchased and founded several newspapers, establishing the pattern of the modern newspaper by combining investigative reporting with publicity stunts, self-advertising, and sensationalism. In his will, he established the Pulitzer Prizes, annual awards for achievements in American journalism, letters, and music. What famous saying about journalism is attributed to him?

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