" Art for art's sake? I should think so, and more so than ever at the present time. It is the one orderly product which our middling race has produced. It is the cry of a thousand sentinels, the echo from a thousand labyrinths, it is the lighthouse which cannot be hidden... it is the best evidence we can have of our dignity. "
E. M. Forster

Back in the day


Susanna M. Salter, First Female US Mayor, Elected

After attending Kansas State Agricultural College, Salter moved with her husband to the town of Argonia, Kansas, and became the first woman to have a baby there. Following the city's incorporation in 1885, her father was elected to be its first mayor. Two years later, while serving as an officer in the local Women's Christian Temperance Union and caring for her family, she was placed on the ballot as a mayoral candidate and became the first female mayor elected in the US. How long was her term?



Mongolian Wrestling

Bökh is a martial art and traditional style of Mongolian folk wrestling with a long history. Genghis Khan considered it to be an important part of keeping his army in good physical shape and combat-ready, and the Manchu dynasty imperial court held regular wrestling events between Manchu and Mongol wrestlers. Today, wrestling plays a key role in Mongolian rituals and festivals and is one of the Mongolian culture's historic "Three Manly Skills," which also include what other activities?

Born on a day like today


Bettina von Arnim

A German writer, von Arnim also spent time as a composer, singer, visual artist, patron of young talent, and social activist. However, she is perhaps best known for the company she kept. She formed friendships with Goethe and Beethoven, among other artists of the day, and tried to foster an artistic union between them. Many leading composers of the time, such as Franz Liszt, admired her for her spirit and her talents. On what currency was von Arnim's likeness once featured?

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