" Death? Why this fuss about death? Use your imagination, try to visualize a world without death!...Death is the essential condition of life, not an evil. "
Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Back in the day


Gustav III of Sweden Dies of Infected Gunshot Wound

Gustav III was King of Sweden from 1771 to 1792. Having inherited a weakened Swedish throne, he established a new constitution that increased the crown's power. His numerous enlightened reforms antagonized the nobility, and when a group of Swedish officers mutinied during his unpopular war on Russia, he reinstated absolute monarchy. Gustav planned to form a league of European monarchs to oppose the French Revolution, but Swedish nobles had him assassinated. Where was Gustav when he was shot?



Church of St. George, Lalibela

The Church of St. George, Lalibela, is a monolithic church in Lalibela, Ethiopia, hewn entirely from a single block of stone. Known as Bete Giyorgis in Amharic—a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia—it was built in the early 13th century as the last of the 11 stone churches in the Lalibela area. According to Ethiopian cultural history, the church was built after King Lalibela had a vision in which he was instructed to construct the church. According to the story, who told him to do so?

Born on a day like today


Ernst Jünger

Early in his career, Jünger, a German writer and WWI veteran, published novels based on his army experience. Strongly influenced by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, they glorified war and its sacrifice as the greatest physical and mental stimulants. He later opposed Hitler and rejected his own militarism, expressing instead a desire for peace in his wartime diaries and in futuristic novels like On the Marble Cliffs, an allegorical attack on Nazism. What is Jünger's best known work?

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