" Happiness is reflective, like the light of heaven; and every countenance, bright with smiles, and glowing with innocent enjoyment, is a mirror transmitting to others the ways of a supreme and ever-shining benevolence. "
Washington Irving

Back in the day


The Tenerife Disaster

The Tenerife Disaster was a passenger plane accident that resulted in the highest number of fatalities of any single accident in aviation history, excluding ground fatalities. It occurred when two Boeing 747s, a KLM flight in the midst of takeoff and a PanAm flight taxing in the opposite direction, collided at Los Rodeos Airport on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, killing 583 people. What bombing led both planes to be diverted to the Tenerife airport in the first place?




Neanderthals were a species of the human genus Homo that inhabited much of Europe and the Mediterranean approximately 200,000–28,000 years ago. They were short, stout, and powerful; used fire; and buried their dead. Some scholars do not consider them direct ancestors of modern humans—Homo sapiens. Others regard them as a late form that was absorbed into modern human populations in some areas while dying out in others. How did their cranial capacity compare to that of modern humans?

Born on a day like today


Sarah Vaughan

"The Divine One," Sarah Vaughan was an American jazz contralto with a vast range who worked as a soloist for much of her career. As a child, Vaughan studied piano and organ and began singing in her church choir. As a teenager, she won the famous amateur contest at Harlem's Apollo Theater and was featured with bandleader Earl Hines. One of jazz's finest vocalists, she learned much from the horn stylings of what bebop musicians with whom she recorded in 1945?

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