" When the sword is once drawn, the passions of men observe no bounds of moderation. "
Alexander Hamilton

Back in the day


Patrick Henry: "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!"

Henry was an American Revolutionary leader who gained a reputation as a skillful orator. A member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, he delivered his famous speech in defense of liberty to the Virginia Convention in 1775, concluding with the words "Give me liberty or give me death!" The speech is credited with having swung the balance in convincing the assembly to pass a resolution to send Virginia troops to the Revolutionary War. Which future presidents were in the audience during the speech?



Snake Charming

Most common in South Asia and North Africa, snake charming is the practice of "charming" snakes through music and rhythmic body movements. Street performers set up in front of audiences and use different methods to draw out their snakes—often venomous varieties such as cobras—which sometimes appear to move along with the music. A typical performance may also include handling the snakes or performing other seemingly dangerous acts. Why is snake charming becoming increasingly rare in India?

Born on a day like today


Akira Kurosawa

Regarded as one of the world's greatest directors for his ability to combine Japanese aesthetic and cultural elements with a Western sense of action and drama, Kurosawa became an assistant director and scenarist at PCL movie studio in 1936. He wrote and directed his first feature film in 1943 and earned international acclaim for Rashomon in 1950. His later classic films include Seven Samurai and Yojimbo. In 1990, Kurosawa won an Academy Award for what?

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