" The female of the genus homo is economically dependent on the male. He is her food supply. "
Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Back in the day


Royal Greenwich Observatory Begins Broadcasting Hourly Time Signals

The Greenwich Time Signal, popularly known as "the pips," is a series of six short tones broadcast by many BBC radio stations at the end of each hour to mark the precise start of the following hour. Devised by Astronomer Royal Frank Dyson in 1924, the signal consists of six pips that occur on the five seconds leading up to the hour, with the beginning of the sixth pip marking the actual moment when the hour changes. After nearly 90 years of marking time, why might the pips soon be silenced?




Bhangra is a form of Punjabi dance and music. The dance is traditionally performed in the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent during harvest festivals and weddings and is characterized by the beating of a dhol, a large, two-headed drum. Though the dance began as a folk dance, bhangra music developed in the UK in the 1980s and combines traditional bhangra drumming with modern Western instruments and rhythms. What well known hip hop artists have incorporated bhangra elements into their songs?

Born on a day like today


Adlai Ewing Stevenson

Stevenson was an American politician and lawyer. After serving as assistant to the Secretary of the Navy during WWII and as a member of the US mission to the UN, he was elected governor of Illinois in 1949. Later in his career, he served as ambassador to the UN. Noted for his eloquence and wit, he was the Democratic candidate for president in 1952 and 1956 but lost to Eisenhower both times by a large margin. His grandfather of the same name served as vice president during whose administration?

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