" I hold any writer sufficiently justified who is himself in love with his theme. "
Henry James

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Japanese WWII Soldier Found Hiding in Guam Jungle

Shoichi Yokoi was a Japanese soldier who went into hiding in the jungles of Guam in 1944 as Allied forces took the island; 28 years later, he was still there. He had hidden in an underground cave, fearing to come out of hiding even after finding leaflets declaring that WWII had ended. In 1972, he was found by hunters and returned to Japan. He was the third-to-last Japanese soldier to surrender after the war, before Hiroo Onoda and Teruo Nakamura. What did Yokoi allegedly say upon his return?




A goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland that can lead to a prominent swelling in the front of the neck—sometimes nearly doubling its size. While the thyroid normally weighs 0.5 to 0.9 oz (15 to 25 g), goitrous thyroid glands can grow to more than 2 lbs (1,000 g) and may interfere with breathing and swallowing and cause a choking feeling. A goiter can be caused by underproduction or overproduction of hormones, but endemic goiter, the most common type, results from a deficiency of what?

Born on a day like today



The nephew of Roman emperor Trajan, Hadrian became emperor when he was adopted and named successor just before Trajan's death, after years of intrigue. After executing his senatorial opponents and abandoning many of Trajan's conquests, he began to travel widely, and many of his accomplishments were related to his visits abroad, including the beginning of construction of Hadrian's Wall. The wall is one of the largest and most significant remains of the Roman occupation of what area?

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