" A memory is a beautiful thing, it's almost a desire that you miss. "
Gustave Flaubert

Back in the day


Elva Zona Heaster Discovered Dead

Shortly after marrying drifter Erasmus Shue, Heaster was found dead and was soon buried. Her mother, who suspected foul play, claimed to have had a vision in which her daughter's ghost stated that Shue had broken her neck, killing her. When the body was exhumed, an autopsy confirmed that Heaster's neck had been broken, and Shue was tried for murder. What role did the ghost—since known as the Greenbrier Ghost for Heaster's hometown of Greenbrier County, West Virginia—play in the trial?



Chinese Pottery

One of the oldest and most widespread of the decorative arts, pottery making dates to prehistoric times. Fragments of painted pottery from the Neolithic period have been unearthed in China. Painted human faces, animals, and geometric designs adorn the fine white, red, and black pottery created by these artisans. During the Tang dynasty, the Chinese developed porcelain to withstand the heat generated in parts of their kilns. What techniques have since been used to make fake Chinese ceramics?

Born on a day like today


Édouard Manet

One of the foremost French artists of the 19th century, Manet is often regarded as the father of modern painting. Rebelling against the academic tradition, he developed a realist style that was one of the founding forces of Impressionism. Although his talent is recognized today, Manet was often greeted with harsh criticism during his career, including for his paintings Le déjeuner sur l'herbeThe Luncheon on the Grass—and Olympia. Why were the paintings controversial?

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