" It is an unfortunate fact that we can secure peace only by preparing for war. "
John F. Kennedy

Back in the day


San Francisco's Human Be-In Launches "Summer of Love"

In 1967, the burgeoning counterculture movement took center stage in San Francisco as a number of figures who would become its icons gathered for a "happening" in Golden Gate Park. Announced as a "Human Be-In" in the San Francisco Oracle newspaper, the event featured speakers Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg, as well as performances by The Grateful Dead, among many others. Attended by tens of thousands of people, the event helped to launch 1967's "Summer of Love," which was what?



Damsel in Distress

Derived from a French term meaning "young lady," the word "damsel" is rarely used in modern English except in the phrase "damsel in distress." A classic stock character in literature, art, and film, the damsel in distress is usually a young, beautiful woman placed in a dire predicament by a villain or monster. Notably, she needs a hero to rescue her, leading to stereotypes of helplessness that are often targets of feminist criticism. What are some examples of damsels in distress in modern media?

Born on a day like today


Berthe Morisot

Morisot was a French impressionist painter best known for her loose brushwork and the sensitivity she brought to her female subjects. She studied with many gifted painters, including Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, and was highly influenced by Édouard Manet, whose brother she later married. She exhibited regularly with the Impressionists, and although none of her exhibits proved commercially successful, she outsold Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. What are some of her best known paintings?

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