" Who can look down upon the grave even of an enemy, and not feel a compunctious throb, that he should ever have warred with the poor handful of earth that lies moldering before him? "
Washington Irving

Back in the day


Baldwin I Crowned First King of Jerusalem

The son of a French count, Baldwin joined the First Crusade and created the first Crusader state when in 1098 he gained control of Edessa, now in Turkey. In 1100, his brother Godfrey died in Jerusalem, and Baldwin was summoned by the nobles to succeed him as king of the Crusader state. He expanded the kingdom by conquering coastal cities and established an administration that served for 200 years as the basis for Frankish rule in Syria and Palestine. Where did Baldwin's coronation take place?



Tactical Media

Tactical media is a modern form of activism that uses mass media to oppose and criticize a target, usually one that occupies a certain position of power, such as a government, politician, or corporation. It is characterized by its use of current technology and short-lived media campaigns and is made possible by the availability of inexpensive technology and by open forms of distribution like the Internet. Among the most infamous practitioners of tactical media are The Yes Men. Who are they?

Born on a day like today


Clara Barton

Barton was a pioneering American nurse and humanitarian. During the American Civil War, she organized the distribution of medicine and supplies to wounded soldiers and nursed in army camps and battlefields, earning the title "Angel of the Battlefield." In Europe at the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War, she began doing relief work there under the auspices of the International Red Cross. In 1881, she organized the American Red Cross, heading it until 1904. Who was Barton's first-ever patient?

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