" The presence of a noble nature, generous in its wishes, ardent in its charity, changes the lights for us: we begin to see things again in their larger, quieter masses, and to believe that we too can be seen and judged in the wholeness of our character. "
George Eliot

Back in the day


Montezuma Welcomes Cortés upon His Arrival in Tenochtitlán

Montezuma was the ruler of the Aztecs at the beginning of the Spanish conquest of Mexico, which began in earnest in 1519, when Hernán Cortés scuttled his ships on the Mexican coast and committed himself and his 508 men to conquest. After accumulating thousands of Indian allies who resented Aztec domination, Cortés forged ahead to Tenochtitlán, the Aztec capital. There, Montezuma welcomed him, possibly because he believed Cortés to be the reincarnation of whom?



Reduplicative Paramnesia

Reduplicative paramnesia is a condition in which one believes that a place has been duplicated and exists simultaneously in more than one location or that it has been relocated to another site. It is one of the delusional misidentification syndromes, which involve a belief that the identity of a person, object, or place has somehow changed. Highly rare, it is most often observed in brain injury patients who are otherwise logically sound. What are some notable cases of reduplicative paramnesia?

Born on a day like today


Margaret Mitchell

After working as a journalist, Mitchell spent 10 years writing her only novel: Gone with the Wind, a romantic, panoramic portrait of the American Civil War and Reconstruction periods from the white Southern point of view. The book, which earned Mitchell the Pulitzer Prize, is one of the most popular novels in the history of American publishing, and its film adaptation was also extraordinarily successful. On what real-life figures were some of Mitchell's characters reportedly based?

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