" Humor is consistent with pathos, whilst wit is not. "
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Back in the day


London Gazette, Oldest Surviving Journal, First Published

The London Gazette is one of the British government's official journals of record in which statutory notices are required to be published. Originally called the Oxford Gazette, it was first published in 1665, making it the oldest surviving English newspaper and the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United Kingdom. The first publication of the Gazette coincided with King Charles II's movement of his court to Oxford, which he did to escape what?




The mosque has traditionally been the center of social, political, and educational life in Islamic societies. Although Muhammad's house in Medina served as the prototype for Muslim houses of worship, mosques appear quite different in various parts of the world due to the influence of local architectural styles. Minarets, towers from which the call to prayer is sounded, are common features of mosques, as are courtyards surrounded by arcaded porticoes. What determines the orientation of a mosque?

Born on a day like today


Marie Curie

Marie Curie was a Polish-born French physical chemist. She married fellow physicist Pierre Curie in 1895, and together they discovered the elements radium and polonium—which Marie named after her native Poland. They also distinguished alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. For their work on radioactivity—a term she coined—the Curies shared the 1903 Nobel Prize for Physics with Henri Becquerel. This made Marie the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize. In 1911, she became the first person to win what?

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