" Bad men are full of repentance. "

Back in the day


Second Battle of Panipat

The Mughal empire was a Muslim imperial power that ruled most of the Asian subcontinent between the 16th and 19th centuries. Led by Babur, the dynasty's founder, Mughal forces made an inroad into India in 1526, occupying Delhi in the first Battle of Panipat. Babur was succeeded by his son, who soon lost the empire to the Afghan Sher Khan. In 1556, Babur's grandson came to power and fought the army of Hemu in the Second Battle of Panipat. What cost Hemu the battle and, ultimately, his life?




Used by the Soviet Red Army during the Winter War and World War II, the aerosan is a type of propeller-powered snowmobile that runs on skis. First developed early in the 20th century, aerosans were valued for their high mobility in deep snow and on frozen water bodies and came to be used for a number of functions, including communications, mail deliveries, medical aid, and border patrolling in northern Russia. Some of the first aerosans may have been built by what famous aircraft designer?

Born on a day like today


Roy Rogers

A former fruit picker and cowboy, the guitar-strumming Rogers—born Leonard Franklin Slye—began his musical career in the 1930s as a radio performer. He later founded the Sons of the Pioneers, a singing trio that began appearing in movies in 1935, and soon succeeded Gene Autry as America's favorite singing cowboy in movies of the mid-1940s. Rogers acted in dozens of B movies with his wife, Dale Evans, and his famous horse, Trigger. What was the theme song of their television program?

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