" One thing alone not even God can do,
To make undone whatever hath been done.

Back in the day


Nat Turner's Slave Rebellion Begins

Turner, born into slavery and sold three times as a child, led a slave uprising in Virginia that resulted in the deaths of about 55 white people. A deeply religious man, he experienced visions he interpreted as divine in nature and which convinced him that his mission in life was to lead slaves out of bondage. He and many of his followers were caught and hanged, and many more blacks were killed in retaliation. What celestial event did Turner interpret as a sign to begin preparing for rebellion?




Assassin is a real-life role-playing game that is particularly popular on college campuses. Though rules vary, the game usually begins when a host assigns targets to the players. The goal is for players to track down and eliminate their targets—acquiring the eliminated victim's target each time—until only one player remains. Targets are pursued around the clock, so to be successful, players must remain vigilant at all times. What are some of the "weapons" used to eliminate targets?

Born on a day like today


William "Count" Basie

Basie was an American jazz pianist and composer who became one of the premier swing bandleaders of his time. After working in dance halls and vaudeville in New York City, Basie moved to Kansas City, a major jazz center, where he formed his own band. Under his leadership, they broadcast from the Reno Club in Kansas City, where a radio announcer dubbed him "Count." According to one story, the band came up with what signature song while improvising to fill time on the radio show?

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