" I have heard of reasons manifold
Why Love must needs be blind,
But this the best of all I hold,—
His eyes are in his mind.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Back in the day


Republic of Senegal Declares Its Independence

First colonized by the Portuguese, Senegal became part of French West Africa in 1895. In 1946, it became an overseas territory of France, and its inhabitants were made French citizens. In 1958, Senegal became an autonomous republic within the French Community. The next year, Senegal joined the Mali Federation, which became independent in June 1960. Two months later, Senegal withdrew from the federation, becoming an independent state. What small nation does Senegal almost entirely surround?



Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack appears in Victorian-era English folklore as a devilish-looking creature with remarkable leaping ability. After the first alleged sighting in 1837, reports of his supposed exploits and attacks on young women began appearing in the press. Each account furnished him with additional diabolical features, such as cold, clawed hands and glowing eyes. "Sightings" persisted until 1904, and he remains an enduring part of popular culture. What may account for the widespread sightings?

Born on a day like today


H.P. Lovecraft

A master of Gothic horror, fantasy, and science fiction, Howard Phillips Lovecraft was an American writer particularly noted for his many nightmarish short stories, most of which originally appeared in Weird Tales and other pulp magazines. Some of his best-known tales are part of the Cthulhu Mythos series, in which he invents an entire mythology of earthly origins, gods, and hideous otherworldly creatures. Many of Lovecraft's stories mention the Necronomicon, which is what?

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