" Hang ideas! They are tramps, vagabonds, knocking at the back-door of your mind, each taking a little of your substance, each carrying away some crumb of that belief in a few simple notions you must cling to if you want to live decently and would like to die easy! "
Joseph Conrad

Back in the day


Tivoli Gardens Opens in Copenhagen

One of the oldest amusement parks still in operation, Denmark's Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843 with a variety of attractions, including a theatre, bandstands, amusement rides, and, of course, flower gardens. Tivoli is said to have inspired Walt Disney's plans for his own park. Today, the park is best known for its wooden roller coaster, built in 1914. What did Tivoli founder Georg Carstensen reportedly tell King Christian VIII about the park to obtain a five-year charter for the site?



Identity Theft

The most common forms of identity theft occur when someone obtains another person's personal information, such as a date of birth, and uses it to open a fraudulent bank, credit card, or other account, or to obtain false loans. In other cases, criminals provide another's name and information to police when arrested, so that the charges appear on that person's record. According to at least one survey, the emotional impact felt by victims of identity theft is similar to that felt by whom?

Born on a day like today


Blind Jack Metcalf

John Metcalf, popularly known as Blind Jack, was a civil engineer and the first professional road builder of the Industrial Revolution. He lost his sight to a smallpox infection at age six and earned a living in early adulthood as a fiddle player. Though he was unable to see, he swam, played cards, rode horses, and even hunted. In 1765, Parliament passed an act authorizing turnpike building, and he won a contract to build a new road. How many miles of roadway is Metcalf said to have built?

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