" A man must make his opportunity, as oft as find it. "
Francis Bacon

Back in the day


Chad Declares Its Independence

In 1910, France made Chad a part of French Equatorial Africa. Thirty-six years later, it was made an overseas territory and granted its own territorial legislature. Chad gained autonomy within the French Community during the French constitutional referendum of 1958 and full independence in 1960. The decades of civil war that followed have resulted in political instability and poor economic development. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of refugees from what country have sought refuge in Chad?



Bronze Diabetes

Also known as bronze diabetes, hemochromatosis is a blood disorder that causes the body to retain excessive amounts of iron, leading to serious health consequences, including diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver. It was first described in 1865 by French physician Armand Trousseau in a report on diabetes in patients with bronze skin pigmentation. The disease most commonly appears in older patients, since it takes many years for the body to accumulate excessive iron. How is hemochromatosis treated?

Born on a day like today


Enid Blyton

Blyton was a British schoolteacher who began writing in her spare time and went on to become one of the most successful children's storytellers of the 20th century. She published her first book in 1922 and, over the next 40 years, produced several hundred children's books and numerous magazine articles. She is best known for several book series, including those featuring Noddy, the Famous Five, and the Secret Seven. It is said that at one point in her career she produced how many words a day?

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