" A little integrity is better than any career. "
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Back in the day


The Waxhaw Massacre

The Battle of Waxhaws took place during the American Revolution, when 150 mounted Loyalist soldiers overtook a detachment of about 350 Virginia Continentals in South Carolina. According to American accounts, the Loyalist forces ignored the Continentals' surrender and massacred them. Americans therefore refer to the incident as the Waxhaw Massacre. The British, meanwhile, call it the Battle of Waxhaw Creek. How did the British general's account of the clash address the massacre allegations?



The Wild Bunch

Also known as the Doolin-Dalton Gang, the Wild Bunch was a group of outlaws that terrorized Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and the Oklahoma Territory during the 1890s with a spree of robberies, train hold-ups, and murders of lawmen and civilians. A group of 100 US marshals was appointed in 1893 to systematically hunt down the gang, and of all the outlaw gangs of the time, none met a more violent end than the Wild Bunch. How many of the gang's 11 members survived the crackdown?

Born on a day like today


Oswald Spengler

Spengler was a German historian and philosopher whose major work, The Decline of the West, brought him worldwide fame. In it, he contends that every civilization passes through a life cycle, blossoming and decaying like a natural organism, and that Western culture has passed its creative stage and entered the period of decline. He was ostracized after 1933 for refusing to support Nazi ideas of racial superiority. Which of his predictions came true exactly nine years after his death?

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