" A common danger unites even the bitterest enemies. "

Back in the day


New England's Dark Day

On May 19, 1780, an unusual darkening of the day sky was observed over parts of New England and Canada. The darkness was so complete that candlelight was needed as early as noon in places. Researchers examining scar damage in tree growth rings believe that a large fire in Canada's Algonquin Provincial Park contributed to the darkness, but thick fog and cloud cover likely also played a role. The episode was, and still is, interpreted by many as what kind of event?



That Is One Humongous Fungus

Armillaria ostoyae is a honey fungus commonly found colonizing both hardwood and conifer wood in forests of the western US. By attacking the sapwood and forming thin, shoestring-like strands known as rhizomorphs, this fungus is able to travel great distances under the bark or between trees. A mushroom of this type found in eastern Oregon's Malheur National Forest is believed to be the largest fungal colony in the world, spanning 2,200 acres (8.9 km²), and is estimated to be how old?

Born on a day like today


Go Seigen

Wu Qingyuan, better known by his Japanese name Go Seigen, is widely considered one of the best go players in the game's history. Born in China, Seigen began learning the game at 9, a relatively late age for a professional. Nevertheless, he quickly earned a reputation as a go prodigy. In 1928, he moved to Japan to compete against top players. Although he is known for his fast-paced playing style, Siegen played a controversial match—known as the "Game of the Century"—that lasted how many months?

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