" Excess of joy is harder to bear than any amount of sorrow. "
Honore de Balzac

Back in the day


St. Valentine's Day Massacre

When Jack "Machine Gun" McGurn, a member of Al Capone's gang, was almost killed by members of rival George "Bugs" Moran's gang, he decided to retaliate by luring Bugs and his men to a warehouse and killing them. On the day of the massacre, Capone's men mistook one of Bugs's gangsters for the rival crime boss and opened fire. In fact, Bugs had not yet arrived at the warehouse and survived the attempt on his life. Why did bystanders who heard the gunfire allow the murderers to leave the scene?



The Invention of the Potter's Wheel

It is not known when the potter's wheel first came into use, but experts suggest it was developed between about 6,000 BCE and 2,400 BCE. Many modern scholars suggest that it was first developed in Mesopotamia, although Egypt and China are also possible places of origin. The device enables potters to utilize the energy stored in the wheel and direct it specifically to the point of contact between the clay and hands. What term is used to refer to the forming of a vessel on a potter's wheel?

Born on a day like today


Max Horkheimer

Horkheimer was a German philosopher and sociologist and played an important role in the development of critical theory and Western Marxism. In Eclipse of Reason and Dialectic of Enlightenment, he developed a critique of scientific positivism, detailing the differences between objective and subjective reason and the impact of subjective reason on the ideals of society. What did Horkheimer believe to be the cause of the ills of modern society?

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