" So wise so young, they say, do never live long. "
William Shakespeare

Back in the day


Jackie Robinson Retires

Robinson, a vocal member of the Civil Rights movement, was the first African-American baseball player in the modern major leagues and the first African American to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 1949, he led the National League in both stolen bases and batting average and was named its most valuable player. In recognition of his accomplishments both on and off the field, Major League Baseball retired Robinson's number in 1997. How many times did he "steal home" during his career?




Wolfberry is the common name for the fruit of two closely related species in the family that also includes potatoes, tomatoes, chili peppers, deadly nightshade, and tobacco. Though the recognition of wolfberries' nutrient richness and antioxidant qualities is only a recent phenomenon in the West, they have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for at least 2,000 years and are often linked to even older lore involving Shen Nung, China's legendary first emperor and the mythical father of what?

Born on a day like today


Julio Garavito Armero

Armero was a Colombian astronomer and child prodigy in the fields of science and mathematics. As an adult, his studies of celestial mechanics led him to investigate the influence of lunar fluctuations on weather, flooding, polar ice, and Earth's orbital acceleration. He contributed widely to research on comets and solar eclipses and later lectured on economics and population growth. How did Armero secure his membership in the secret scientific society El CĂ­rculo de los Nueve Puntos?

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