" Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it. "
Lewis Carroll

Back in the day


Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Opens

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connects the boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn in New York City. From the time of its completion until 1981, it was the largest suspension bridge in the world, with a center span of 4,260 feet (1,298 meters). The bridge furnishes a critical link in the local and regional highway system, and it is widely known today as the starting point for the New York City Marathon. The bridge was the last great public works project overseen by what famous "master builder"?



Amish Woodworking

In Amish culture, furniture making is a skill passed down from generation to generation, and many families are known for their distinct detail work. Made primarily by the Amish of Ohio and Indiana, the all-wood furniture is recognized for its quality and workmanship. Amish woodworkers, who view their products as both functional objects and works of art, hand-pick each piece of wood to match the specific item being crafted. What alternative energy sources are sometimes used by the woodworkers?

Born on a day like today


Samuel Cunard

Cunard was a Canadian-born British magnate and a giant of Atlantic shipping. When the British government invited bids in 1838 for carrying mail between England and Boston, Cunard's carefully considered plans won him the contract. Within two years, Cunard and several business partners had placed four ships in operation, establishing the first regular steamship service between the continents and marking the beginning of the noted Cunard Line. What did Queen Victoria award Samuel Cunard in 1859?

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