" O, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive! "
Sir Walter Scott

Back in the day


Boris Yeltsin Orders Tanks to Storm Russian Parliament

During the Russian constitutional crisis of 1993, Boris Yeltsin attempted to dissolve the Russian Parliament, which responded by voting to impeach him and appointing its own acting president. Yeltsin countered public demonstrations against his government by sending tanks to disperse the crowds and force the legislature's capitulation. Within days, 187 people were killed, and the parliament building was partially destroyed. Yeltsin's victory can be attributed to support from what institutions?



Boredom: What is it?

Boredom is a condition that has been described by psychologists as arising not from a lack of things to do but from an inability to latch on mentally to a specific activity. Often viewed as a trivial nuisance to be escaped by sleeping, daydreaming, or participating in a new activity, it has been linked to a range of psychological, educational, and social problems. The first recorded use of the word "boredom" is in Dickens's Bleak House, written in 1852. What are the 3 types of boredom?

Born on a day like today


Buster Keaton

Keaton was one of silent cinema's greatest actors and filmmakers. The acrobatic skill and deadpan expression that characterized his comedic style emerged from his days in vaudeville, and at the height of his career, he rivaled fellow comic actor Charlie Chaplin in popularity. Though Keaton is remembered mainly for his early roles in silent films such as The General, he made a comeback as a supporting actor with a cameo appearance in what Academy Award-winning, 1950 film noir?

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