" Conventionality is not morality. "
Charlotte Bronte

Back in the day


Japan Resumes Diplomatic Relations with China

Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka Kakuei's 1972 visit to China culminated in the signing of the Joint Communiqué, a historic document that ended nearly 80 years of enmity and friction between the two states. In the statement, Tokyo recognized the government of the People's Republic as the sole representative and legal government of China, while China waived its demand for war indemnities from Japan at the intergovernmental level. What was the total dollar amount of these reparations claims?



The Reichstag Fire

The 1933 fire at the German Parliament building known the Reichstag was a pivotal event in the establishment of Nazi Germany. Allegedly set by a Dutch communist, the fire was used by Adolf Hitler to turn public opinion against his opponents, especially the communists. Immediately after the fire, he enacted a decree suspending constitutional protection of personal rights, effectively establishing the Nazi Party dictatorship. Who do some believe the fire was set by the Nazis themselves?

Born on a day like today


Miguel de Cervantes

Cervantes was a Spanish author best known for Don Quixote de la Mancha, his novel about an aging "knight." A superb burlesque of the popular romances of chivalry, the work was an enormous success and has had an indelible effect on the development of the European novel. Cervantes himself led an eventful life: he was imprisoned several times, captured by pirates, and sold as a slave. Who theorized that Cervantes and Shakespeare were actually the same person?

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