" One of the best rules in conversation is, never to say a thing which any of the company can reasonably wish had been left unsaid. "
Jonathan Swift

Back in the day


Disneyland Opens in Anaheim, California

Having welcomed more than 515 million visitors since its opening, Disneyland is perhaps the world's most famous themed amusement park. Walt Disney's original plans called for a modest park to be built on eight acres next to the Disney Studios. A much more ambitious Disneyland opened to invited guests and the media on July 17, 1955, a year after construction had begun. The day's events did not go smoothly. What were some of the problems that plagued the much-anticipated opening?



Jade Burial Suits

Considered a mere myth by archaeologists for years, the use of jade burial suits among wealthy Han Dynasty nobles was proved in 1968 with the discovery of two complete suits in tombs in China's northern province of Hebei. Belonging to Chinese prince Liu Sheng and his wife Dou Wan, the ceremonial burial suits were constructed using 2,498 plates of solid jade and 2.5 lb (1.1 kg) of gold wire. Experts now believe the practice was fairly common. What belief led the Chinese to create these suits?

Born on a day like today


Vince Guaraldi

American jazz musician Vince Guaraldi was hired to score the animated adaptations of the Peanuts comic series after a producer heard his music playing on a taxicab's radio. Though he was a Grammy award-winning pianist prior to his work on the Peanuts specials, Guaraldi is best known for his musical compositions associated with the series, including the signature tune "Linus and Lucy" from A Charlie Brown Christmas. In what war did Guaraldi serve as an Army cook?

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