" People want to be amused, not preached at, you know. Morals don't sell nowadays. "
Louisa May Alcott

Back in the day


West Point Opens

West Point, New York, was the site of a military post established by George Washington in 1778. In 1802, Thomas Jefferson signed legislation establishing the United States Military Academy there. Initially, civil engineering was the foundation of the Academy's curriculum, which broadened after the Civil War. After World War I, Douglas MacArthur pushed for major changes in the physical fitness and athletic programs. What collegiate tradition began at West Point?




Waffles are light batter cakes cooked between two gridded hot plates that give the food its distinctive, pocketed pattern. The modern waffle has its origins in the wafers—thin, crisp cakes made from a mixture of barley and oats and baked between wafer-irons—that were popular in the Middle Ages. Today, a number of waffle varieties are enjoyed throughout the world, including Belgian, Liège, American, and Hong Kong-style waffles. When is International Waffle Day celebrated?

Born on a day like today


Nathaniel Hawthorne

Hawthorne was one of the great masters of American fiction. His novels and tales are penetrating explorations of moral and spiritual conflicts, and his masterpiece, The Scarlet Letter, is often considered the first American psychological novel. Hawthorne also helped to establish the American short story as a significant art form with his haunting tales of human loneliness, frustration, hypocrisy, eccentricity, and frailty. What future US president did Hawthorne befriend in college?

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