" Wherever God erects a house of prayer,
The Devil always builds a chapel there:
And 'twill be found, upon examination;
The latter has the largest congregation.
Daniel Defoe

Back in the day


Battle of Gettysburg Begins

The Battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle fought during the American Civil War, resulting in some 50,000 casualties in three days. It took place in and around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and signaled a turning of the tide in favor of the Union. The site is now a national cemetery, at whose dedication on November 19, 1863, President Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. Seamstress Ginnie Wade was the only documented civilian casualty of the battle. How did she die?



Wife Carrying

Initially introduced as a joke in Finland, wife carrying has become a competitive sport in which male participants race through an obstacle course while carrying a female teammate. Carrying styles include piggyback, fireman's carry, and Estonian-style, in which the female participant hangs upside-down with her legs around the man's shoulders and her arms around his waist. Major wife carrying competitions are held throughout the US as well as in Sonkajärvi, Finland, where the winner gets what?

Born on a day like today


Diana, Princess of Wales

From the time she became engaged to Prince Charles in 1981 until her death in a car accident in 1997, Diana was arguably the most famous woman in the world. Active in many charities and causes, she campaigned against the use of landmines and called attention to the plight of AIDS victims at a time when the disease was largely misunderstood. Her outspokenness endeared her to many and stood in contrast to the traditional image of the royal family. Where did Diana work before she married Charles?

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