" I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do. "
Willa Cather

Back in the day


Globe Theatre Burns to the Ground

The first Globe Theatre was an Elizabethan theatre where several of Shakespeare's plays were originally staged. It was built around 1598 in London using timber from an earlier theater and was jointly owned by members of the theatrical company to which Shakespeare belonged. The Globe burned down in 1613, during a performance of Henry VIII, and was rebuilt in 1614, but Puritans closed it and all other theaters in 1642, and it was demolished soon after. What caused the fire in 1613?



Debt Bondage

Debt bondage is a means of paying off loans with direct labor instead of currency or goods. Bonded persons are not legally owned but are instead contractually bound to perform labor to work off a debt under terms that often make it impossible to completely retire the debt. Defined as a form of modern-day slavery by the UN and prohibited by international law, debt bondage nonetheless persists in many areas of the world. According to estimates, how many people are subjected to debt bondage today?

Born on a day like today


George Goethals

Goethals was a US army engineer who served as chief engineer of the Panama Canal. During the course of the project, yellow fever, labor troubles, unexpected construction complications, and crumbling substrata caused numerous setbacks and claimed thousands of lives. By taking personal interest in the men working on the canal, however, Goethals created an atmosphere of cooperation and completed the project ahead of schedule. The Goethals Bridge, named in his honor, links what two cites?

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